Articulated Double nozzle holder 1/4″

Double 1/4″M high pressure articulated nozzle holder.


  • Individual Protective Clothing for chemical risks
  • Costal kit for 4, 5 and up to 6 pieces
  • Made with water-repellent cotton and with PVC reinforcement BAGUM Model – Standard

MVI Air induction Wide Angle Flat spray nozzle

  • Air injection nozzle (venturi system): spraying large droplets loaded with air bubbles which do not drift and burst into small droplets upon contact with the plants.
  • It almost completely eliminates drift, however increasing the number of impacts (excellent coverage of the treated area).
  • Very easy disassembly for internal cleaning.
  • Recommended pressure: 1.5 bar.

Spartan 600

Boom sprayer equipment with 3-point lifting tractor, 600 lt tank with membrane pump with 120 lt/min nickel structure.