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Air induction Twin flat spray nozzle

  • The inclination of the jets improves penetration into the vegetation. Nozzle with air aspiration (Venturi system): sprays thick drops loaded with air bubbles, which do not drift. They burst into fine droplets upon contact with plants.
  • It almost completely suppresses drift while increasing the number of impacts (excellent coverage with treated areas).
  • Anti-jamming design and double air intake hole.
  • Compact format (28mm length) adapted to all ramps and nozzle holders.
  • Recommended height of use: 50/60 cm.
  • Recommended pressure: 3 bar

AVI-OC Air injected off center nozzle

  • Air injection nozzle (Venturi system): spraying large droplets loaded with air bubbles which do not drift and burst into small droplets upon contact with the plants.
  • It eliminates almost all drift, however increasing the number of impacts (excellent coverage in the treated areas).
  • Improves treatment quality when at the top of the ramp.
  • Optimizes the quality of the treatment when it is at the end of the ramp + 20cm.
  • Recommended pressure: 3 bar

Discs & Cores

  • The characteristics of ALBUZ® ceramic allow working with strong pressures while maintaining precision and results.
  • Hollow conical jet made up of fine droplets.
  • It is possible to choose your application angle by choosing the corresponding Disc (AD) & Core (AC) coupling

Drift reduction flat spray nozzle

  • Nozzle operational from 2 bar.
  • Flow rate corresponding to the ISO color code.
  • 50% reduction in the number of fine droplets (<100μm).
  • Detachable calibration pad.
  • Recommended height of use: 50/60 cm.
  • Recommended pressure: 2 bar

Full cone nozzle

  • The flow rate of this nozzle corresponds to the international ISO color code.
  • Use 100 mesh nozzle filters for models 80 015 – 80 02.
  • Possibility of mounting on a ramp (distance between 35 cm and 50 cm)
  • Recommended ramp pressure: 3 bar.
  • Recommended pressure arboriculture / viticulture: 10 bar.